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Contact Information



  • Location of job?

  • Is water & power on job?

    • 120V, 240V, 480V?

  • Work hours:

    • Normal or afterhours?

  • Work conditions:

    • Interior or exterior?

    • Type of equipment for job:

      •  Gas, electric, or hydraulic?

  • Quality, volume, thickness & size of work.

  • Is it cut / coring only or is removal required as well?

  • Is on site dumping of concrete or vacuum slurry available?

  • If work is above 5’, will equipment be available onsite?

    • Ladder, scaffold or lift

  • Method of payment and when?​


  • Layout of cutting & coring areas prior to our arrival.

  • Utilities must be marked & identified so we can avoid cutting or digging into them.

  • Not responsible for permits, barricades, traffic control, open trenches.

  • Not responsible for cutting or excavating of objects buried.

Cellphone (Recommended)
  • David:       (626) 688-7040

  • Cameron:  (909) 222-8842

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